Homeowner refuses ‘massive’ offer – then accepts one for asking price instead

A homeowner sitting on a potential goldmine rejected two ‘massive’ offers – before accepting one for the exact asking price instead.

First time buyers Jackson Higginbottom and his partner, Holly, have finally had an offer accepted after battling to get a foot on the housing ladder for years.

They had been gazumped several times, but finally struck a deal in a location that would traditionally have been way out of their price range, Cornwall Live reports.

They later discovered that the seller of the house in Sennen, Cornwall, had rejected two huge offers – because he wanted to keep the house affordable for local people in the area, who are typically on lower wages.

Jackson said: “As soon as you see somewhere you like… it’s gone. When you’re talking houses out of our price range, then fair enough.

“But when it’s first-time buyer prices, and they’re going like that, you can’t help but think, ‘for God’s sake’. It’s obviously locals after that, can’t people give us a bit of a chance?”

Jackson, a surfer, said when he saw the house in surf-mecca Sennen he instantly rushed to the bank to put in an offer – for the exact asking price.

But he never expected it to be accepted, so was shocked to receive a call saying that the house was his.

He continued: “There’s us thinking we’re really stretching to offer that asking price. We don’t even know the guy, but he has done the bloody decent thing and turned away these offers.

“For us, we’d paid a higher deposit and took a while to get everything sorted as first-time buyers. He had seven months to hold off from tourists and wealthy cash buyers.”

Jackson said he was was incredibly grateful, but “amazed” to see just how hard it is to secure a home as a first time buyer in Cornwall.

He added: “It shouldn’t even be a story – ‘couple grows up and buys a house when they’re 30 in their local area’.

“But clearly it is. It feels like you’re being kicked out of where you grew up, to sum it up.

“We’re both surfers, we both want our kids to grow up here too. We’re outdoors people, we don’t want to go to the city and live that life.

“To have our upbringing and then find that we can’t afford to live here is horrible. Most of us never have any chance of living here.”