Dog ends up looking like Frank from Shameless after DIY makeover goes wrong

When Crusty the dog was due to have his next grooming session, he was probably looking forward to an improvement in his appearance.

After all, just like his human owner, he’d had to forego his usual haircuts during lockdown too.

But the unlucky mutt was left looking like a much ruff-er version of himself after the said owner decided to give him a DIY groom at home instead.

Left with less than an inch of fur on his body, but a full, unruly head of golden fur on his head, the poor doggie has now been compared to scruffy alcoholic Frank Gallagher from the hit Channel Four series Shameless.

Photos and video footage of Crusty before and after his unfortunate makeover were posted on TikTok and quickly went viral, with 2.1million views.

Owner and poster @crustydog shared her attempt at a DIY groom with a caption that read: “Don’t attempt to groom your dog in iso.”

The footage prompted tons of comments from Tik Tok users, remarking on who and what the unlucky animal now looks like.

One said: “That’s not a dog. That is a rat.”

Another asked: “Is that a chicken?”

A third commented: “Like when a looney tunes character gets burnt somehow lmaooo.”

Others likened Crusty to a television star… but it wasn’t exactly a compliment.

One user joked: “Bahahahah ure dog looks like Frank from Shameless,” referring to the tramp-like main character in the series played by David Threlfall, and renowned for his shaggy, unwashed hair.

“Okay but why does the dog look like Frank one Shameless.” said another.

Other users, felt rather sorry for Crusty.

“Until his hair grows back the humane thing to do is remove all mirrors from the home,” said one.

Another added: “Dude grooming is so much harder than they make it look.”

Crusty’s owner must be relieved dog groomers are now finally being allowed to reopen properly. During lockdown, groomers were only allowed to groom for welfare and not aesthetic purposes.