Rampaging cow injures Tesco shopper before police car brutally mows animal down

A police car brutally mowed down a cow after it injured a woman and an officer in an out-of-control rampage.

Witnesses said a woman was head butted into the air in a Tesco car park after the “angry” animal charged at her in the Berkshire town of Woodley last night.

Thames Valley Police said the beast also injured one of its officers and damaged cars before it was violently mowed into by a police vehicle and put down at the scene.

It was first spotted at Woodley Airfield before reappearing on the A329, heading towards the M4

One eyewitness said she thought she was dreaming when she saw the beast charging around outside a Tesco Express store in Woodley.

Caroline Kriss said: “Thought I was dreaming had just pulled up at Tesco Express witnessed cow appear and on the run between hedges – it head-butted a poor lady into the air in car park I do hope she’s OK – police and first responder there almost immediately hope it’s been caught as it ran off to cause more chaos?”

Victoria Susan added: “Cow on the loose in Woodley. It has butted someone over. Police are searching for it.

“Please report if you see it and do not approach. It was being unloaded at Sandford and escaped. In Tesco Express area.”

Officers were also seen tending to a woman outside the Tesco Express shop on Hurricane Way, Woodley.

Paul Breeds, who lives on Victor Way, said: “My wife saw it run down the road. I went over to Tesco Express and that’s where I took the picture. It had worked its way around there.

“Just after I took the picture, it ran towards me and I had to dodge out of the way.

“It missed butting me by about 18 inches, but even from there you could sense the power of it. I imagine it’d be similar to being hit by a car.

“Most of the police I saw were PCSOs and they were doing a sterling job of warning people to keep clear.”

Jodie Louise Fox said she saw the cow getting knocked down by the police.

Eyewitnesses reported the strange sight along Victor Way and Hurricane Way in Woodley last night.

The farm animal – described as “angry” by onlookers – then made its way another two miles to the A329 in Winnersh towards the M4.

Police closed the road in a bid to round it up.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Officers were called yesterday at about 7.40pm following reports that a cow was loose on a road near to the A329M in Wokingham which was causing a significant danger to motorists.

“Officers attended the scene, closed the road and attempts were made over a period of time to contain the animal.

“The cow then moved to a residential area of Woodley. Despite efforts of both the police and the farmer to whom the animal belonged, the cow could not be safely brought under control.”

The spokesman added that the animal became increasingly distressed and charged at a woman, leaving her minor injuries, before attacking a police officer and vehicles.

“Officers subsequently used a police vehicle to stop the cow and prevent it from charging towards other members of the public,” the spokesman said.

“After all other options including tranquillisation were precluded, the cow was humanely euthanised at the scene by a private company.

“This decision whilst not taken lightly, was necessary to limit the suffering of the animal, to prevent further injury and to ensure the safety of the public.

“The injured Thames Valley Police officer has since been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home.

“We understand that there are some distressing videos circulating on social media relating to this incident, however we would like to reassure people that these measures were necessary and were only taken due to the need to protect the public, and were carried out in a way to minimise suffering to the animal.”