Xbox Series X | S May 2021 Update Makes Quick Resume Faster, Brings Audio Passthrough Feature & More

Microsoft is releasing the May 2021 firmware update on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. The new update includes improvements to Xbox’s Quick Resume feature, passthrough audio for media apps, and more. Quick Resume is a feature that allows Xbox users to resume gameplay instantly from where they last left off. With the May 2021 update, the feature is getting improved reliability and faster load times. With the new update, Microsoft has also made it easier to identify and access games that support and are saved to Quick Resume. Users will be able to see if a game supports Quick Resume with a new tag. There is a new group that will list all games that are currently listed in Quick Resume Users can also use the group to see which games are ready to be launched from Quick Resume and launch the game from there. This can also be added to Home for quicker access and games can also be removed from the Quick Resume state.

The new Passthrough audio feature lets audio decoding from media apps on your compatible HDMI devices bypass the console for the highest quality listening experience with your external sound system. To start using the new feature, users need to find an “Allow Passthrough: button on the Xbox Audio Settings screen. There is an indicator in the guide where users can use a compatible media app with passthrough audio enabled.

The new update also allows users to watch game trailers in an easier manner before downloading. Game titles featured in the spotlight on the Game Pass hub plays trailers when a user focuses on them. This means fewer clicks when a user is previewing the latest additions to Game Pass. Apart from this, the May 2021 update brings a new dynamic background called “Motes,” and improvements to the Xbox app for Android and iOS. Microsoft also said that it is now removing the Xbox One SmartGlass app from the Microsoft Store.