Horror as man kicks lit firework into screaming crowd during Eid celebrations

A man was filmed kicking a lit firework into a screaming crowd during Eid celebrations.

Screams can be heard coming from shocked people in the crowd in in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, as a man walks into the road and kicks the lit firework which then flies into a crowd.

In the video a man can be seen lighting a large firework in the road before another man then approaches.

The firework can be seen exploding as people cower for cover and scream.

The video was taken by a shocked onlooker during the Eid celebrations.

Imjustbrum posted the video on its Instagram page.

It was captioned: “Why tf did he kick it.” – as other social media users reacted in horror.

Zak took to Twitter and said: “Chaand raat is for traditionally for women to go out and get their mendhi done, not for you as a man to let off fireworks and rev your engine and be a general nuisance to everyone.”

Another video shows men laughing as they stamp on lit fireworks in the road.

It is not clear if the incident was reported to police and it’s unclear if anyone was hurt in the incident.